'cause we love candies!

true. we love all kinds of sweets. cookies. with chocolate. and without. especially wholewheat. with chocolate. and without. cakes. hmmmmm… self-made cakes. with chocolate. and orange. with ginger and cinnamon. with coffee grains. and with a cup of coffee. brownie? will go. banana bread? yes, yes! right away. cheescakes of all kinds? we salivate. right away. we pretend not to like cream cakes. but when there isn’t anything else around, we shall eat it as well…
why than hard candies?*
because caramels get glued to your teeth, chocolates don’t last long, pralines are unsure (how can you know which one to choose from a box?), jelly beans are not for vegetarians (and we respect vege). and hard candies are always around. simple, beautiful, merry. various. fruit or herbal? menthol? honeeeeeeey… with bitter tea when it’s cold. don’t melt in a pocket when it’s hot. colourful and noir. sweet or spicy. round or square. small, medium and large… and green ones are sour and that’s cool.
et voila! in a way hard candies tell the story of things we love making. the silent followers of everyday life. when "whatever&however" combo makes you sore.
and if a dentist tells you that candies are not healthy, don’t listen! ours only break monothony. and they argue with sadness laudly!
* yup… „staklene bombone” mean „hard candies”. in polish these are simply landrynki (vel. szklaki...)


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