heart shaped elbow-patch DIY

hello! I have another lazy DIY tutorial for you today:) it's so easy that I feel kind of silly even calling it a tutorial, but anyway I wanted to show it to you. I decided to add patches not only to refresh my beloved old cardigan, but mainly because the wool got really thin on both elbows and it needed some support not to fall apart. I didn't want the patches to be focal points, so I used colours that naturally blended with the cardigan.
so, here we go!
materials: scissors, pins, thread & needle, piece of paper, marker and fabric that you'll gonna make your patch of. I decided to use felt and would recommend it for any sorts of sweaters (they are both made of wool, so it will look naturally), but any other fabric/material that doesn't thread on the edges will be good (for example a piece of leather, suede etc.)

Kolaże21 step 1: put your cardigan on and mark where the patches should be placed (it's best to do it while actually wearing it). then put it flat and make sure you've marked the patches on both sides on the same hight
step 2: prepare felt, thread, scissors and a piece of paper. draw a shape that you want your patch to be on a piece of paper and cut it
step 3: place the paper form on the right spot on your cardigan and make sure it's not too big/small. adjust if you have to
step 4, 5, 6, 7: use a marker and a paper form to transfer the right shape to a piece of felt. place the patches on your cardigan and pin them

step 8, 9: start sawing! remember to keep it pretty close to the edge of your patch and be sure the seam is evenly following the edges.

we're done, enjoy! :)



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very interesting and very creative idea. nice job