'cause black and white are not colours...

it snows. through the window I can see roofs covered with thick, white carpet, trees sleeping underneath white blankets. on the balcony there is a plate full of grains surrounded by funny snow-footprints of birds coming every now and then for a snack.
I’m not a big fan of Sundays, but this one (though being coldy-cold) is kind of pleasant.

BUT! because black and white are not colours (as somebody once said) and I’m having some major middle-winter colour cravings, I thought I’d introduce you to some of the bags that we did last autumn. I never actually posted them here – mistake that should be corrected asap!

have a great afternoon!


new & available;)

new & available;)



new and availabe


...and there is more to come... :)


Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Dugo te nije bilo! Torbe su prelijepe. Stvarno mi baš fale boje, ubija me ovo bjelilo...;)

ANA said...

aaa divne torbice...boje su savršeno usklađene! I ja sam žedna boja! Nije te dugo bilo i drago mi je da si se vratila :-)

Elle R. said...

your purses are super original and pretty!!!
gotta love them =)

staklene bombone said...

elle, thanks a lot!

ana, slavica - jao, kako i meni je drago da sam se vratila na svoj i vase blogove:)) moj poljsko-srpski zivot ponekad je dosta problematican i apsolutno nesistematican, ali srićom I'm here again and let it stay this way! ;)

Val - A Cleaner Closet said...

Wow, your work is incredible! I love the mix of patterns and colors - gorgeous.

staklene bombone said...

thanx a lot, val! if there is anything I can do in life - I DEFENITELLY CAN MIX! ;)