an almost cheerful post*

this should be a very cheerful post.

last weekend we payed a little visit to vranje, a town in south serbia and had a really good time! there was a lot of sun, active entertainments and good people around. some fuss, no stress. opušteno as would serbs say. and we finally managed to officially open the ice-cream season, which is with no doubt quite an achievement;) praising this prominent moment we bought a sky-blue beach-ball made-in-china. oh!

the post would stay cheerful if I put a dot here and followed it with some colourful pictures. but on Sunday we went for a walk to belgrade’s novo groblje cementary and that changes cheerfulness into specific, reflexive inner silence.

I love cementaries. their calmness, their sense of time. and the never ending story they bring. I love walking down narrow paths, slipping between gravestones, reading names, dates of birth and death, watching pictures of those who’d been here before us. I think about secrets they had, lives they lived, children they left or children who left them. you can read people’s deepest sorrow engraved in stone, you can feel it in bunches of fresh flowers. cementaries are not a simbol of death. it’s a proof of how emotional, how valnurable we are and how honest we get with these feelings when it comes to sharing it with the beloved we lost. suddenly the distance, the orange peel that covers us from showing what we really feel vanishes.

cementary is a city inside a city. a place where understanding replaces judgement. honesty replaces acting. life replaces theatre.

maybe it should be the other way round. I don’t know.


* but definitively not a sad one too!




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