1600 km away from the last post

oh, oh, oh, I am a very bad mummy for the little baby-blog. instead of feeding it with cristal glass of fat milk and silver spoon of golden honey each day, I left it all alone hungry and deserted…

it's because the chaotic part of me took its toll and quite unexpectedly - even for myself - I finally came to poland. a day after I published the last post, I packed a few things and rushed to zmaj gas station to catch a bus.
poland welcomed me with rain-wind-snow combo which was very rude of her (defenitelly, poland is a woman), but seeing all of those beloved (though pale:)) faces made up for the shity journey, ugly weather, a bit of homeless longing, even for banned smoking in public places. exchanging stories, completing plots, being all ears and/or all tongue. gosh, life gets so simple sometimes!

now I’m sitting comfortably at my parents place surrounded by the finest wi-fi and have at least ten different ideas of what I should and want to write about, but business and announcements come first!

1. for all of those who keep on asking me what bags did I bring, click HERE and check. give me a sign if there is anything you want to reserve!!! pictures are pretty lousy, but with this light I really cannot make it any better. spring, where are you?!

2. a few days after I’ll be back in belgrade, bombone will show off on the second edition of H.ARTeFAkT prepared by Alt Gallery (Kulturni centar Rex, 27/02, 2.00-10.00 pm, Jevrejska Str. 16). this will be our debut, so keep your fingers crossed and feel invited! I will keep you updated anyway:)

I know, I know - this post feels more like skinny milk and artificial honey, but silence got beaten up and let's just stick to it.


bench cafe

kościuszki bench cafe - the only one where smoking wasn't banned (yet). buuuuuuu...

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