hey, hey winter!

give me a kid that doesn’t like winter. think of one at least. a kid resenting snow, sledge, making snow-men and throwing snow-balls. a kid that would care about wet trousers, lost gloves and pressure going up and down.

no. there are no kids resenting winter – cold nose is the extra you get with great fun and gloves? they only make snow-balls mass production more difficult!
and it’s all because kids know how to use winter for their own purposes, how to make fun of it, while for us winter is just an obstacle. we see it through drifts, puddles, wet boots, tens of jumpers and buses coming late. adults’ imagination freezes very fast ;)

most of a time we're not anything better, but during the last two days we took some pictures of new bags and it was such a fun – snow & sun combo makes the perfect combination! and so I say: enjoy winter until it’s here!







lucia said...

bas lepe fotke, a torbice... of kours

savez said...

danke, danke! :)))