dearest mr. sewer,

your train should be arriving to warsaw soon. not that I’m counting on the polish rail’s punctuality so much, I just know your schedule too well. hope you’re enjoying your journey treats and that you had some sleep after all. maybe even somewhere on the way you’ve managed to catch some sun? here, where we parted this morning it’s all grey the whole day.
I find myself a bit useless today. I got back from the railway station and cought myself starring at your empty cup of coffee. went to bed and tried to shrink this day by slpeeing it over. successfully.
I guess I’ll officially bring myself back to life tomorrow. today I'll stick to treating myself with large amounts of melancholy:)

hope the whole trip goes just as smooth and painless as it can. hope the same about the time from today to our next (looonger and more permanent!) being together.
loooove you more than polish apples and serbian peaches!

-oh (aka m.)

ps. I found some of your socks round the room. maybe now you’ll have a reason to get some new pairs:)

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