lazy tulips

spring brings many wonderful things – among them also a bitter-sweet state of mind when a withered flower lazily bounces where your brains should be working.

there are many ways of dealing with it: sleeping, watching tv (for those who have such), reading magazines, watching your friends galleries on fb concluding that everyone has a better life than yours. oh, those pushed by time mostly pretend to be working (note, pretending starts when you write one lousy sentence every half an hour and take a break to watch some of your friends galleries on fb).

it’s a second day our brains bounce like lazy tulips. we used them honestly – slept too long, smoke too much, read newspapers and magazines out of date. sewed nothing.

but there is at least one decent thing we did: four pots of soups. yes, it sounds odd. and no, we didn’t eat it all at once. we have a freezer!

the pics should explain how does a lazy tulip work when forced to peel beet roots on an inspiring - though randomly chosen - piece of newspaper. (it’s belgrade’s insight to be precise. congratulations to the photo editor!).

-savez (hoping to meet you soon with fully functional brains)



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